• Rate of return plus 30% - 60%

    Water efficiency rate 99.99%

    Water savings 50%-70%

OsmoDrain 2.0 revolutionizes the soil and makes the world green.

With OsmoDrain you cultivate the soil, save up to 70% water and direct nutrients with an efficiency of up to 99% right to the root area of the plant.
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Heart of the OsmoDrain EcoTechnology
OsmoDrain control technology
OsmoDrain uses the patents of nature
OsmoDrain system technology
OsmoDrain injection:
Water, oxygen, fertilizer
OsmoDrain extraction:
Biogases, rainwater

Multiple awards and recommended by leading scientists.
OsmoDrain is based on one of the most innovative underground systems in the world. Up to 70% water savings, the supply of fertilizer, oxygen and the extraction of pollutants are the main features of OsmoDrain. 
Developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich, OsmoDrain has won several awards.  

Rate of return plus 30%-40%
   more growth, quality, durability, yield, profitability
   sustainable protection of resources

Water efficiency rate to 99.99%
  kno water loss through evaporation, seepage
  in arid regions no water loss by salinization
Sustainable profitability with OsmoDrain.
For efficiency a global leader. 

  Initial expenses covered by yields
  Quick amortization 
  Sustainable efficiency finances system technology by itself

Water savings 50%-70%
  up to 50% savings compared to drip irrigation
  up to 80% savings compared to sprinkler irrigationg

OsmoDrain underground construction: gentle, fast and ready for use..
  simple, space-saving installation with OsmoDrain underground construction
  existing areas, new areas
  rapidly deployable installation technology, short installation time







Tennis court

Tennis sand








Residential complex

Garden up to 1000 m²

Garden up to 2000 m²

Garden up to 3000 m²

Garden up to 5000 m²