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    Rate of return plus 30% - 60%

    Water efficiency rate 99.99%

    Water savings 50%-70%

OsmoDrain 2.0 uses the patents of nature.

OsmoDrain. Complete care with just one system.

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Sustainably efficient irrigation, efficient fertilizing, monitoring and many applications that bring the best possible conditions throughout the year for revenue and profitability back to the soil: that's what OsmoDrain does.

  Central Control 
  Program parameters
  Function parameters
  Manual - automatic operation
  Capillary irrigation
  more root mass
  Robust growth
  More yield 
  Response to climatic influences
  Avoiding overwetting
  Protection against compression
  Efficient soil logic
Liquid fertilizer
  Injection fertilizer concentrate
  Conservation micro beings
  High savings in fertilizer
  Efficient fertilization method
  Data acquisition through sensors
  Data analysis software
  Response to data flow
  Efficient irrigation logic
O2 O2 oxygen supply
  Healthy growth
  More yield
  Increased root growth
  Efficient soil care  
Pneumatic System
  Pressure and vacuum control
  Injection and extraction
  Targeted root care
  Membrane technology
  Extraction of biogases
  Extraction of hydrogen sulfide
  Increase soil life
  Countermeasure compression 
Time control
  Manual or automatic
  Timed parameters
  Appropriate supplies
  Efficient use of funds
  Extraction of waterlogging
  Extraction of rainfall
  Drying soil
  Short response time drying Trockung 
  Measurement and control technology
  Visualization menu
  Recording of measurement values
  Remote control functions over WEB
pH value soil
  pH value buffering
  Healthy growth
  More yield
  Robust root structure 
Remote maintenance
  Monitoring functions
  System settings
  Data inquiry
  Control parameters
Air conditioning cold
  Cold evaporation
  Protection against drought stress
  Healthy root growth
  Conservation of lawn areas
  Visual camera surveillance
  WEB functionality
  Worldwide access visually
  (optional extra function)
Air conditioning warm
  Injection of heated air
  Avoid dehydration
  Quick response in icing
  Growth in cool air  

OsmoDrain installation >
Embed membrane hose

EcoTechnology >
System and control technology

before OsmoDrain >
Quality standards before OsmoDrain
after OsmoDrain >
Qualitystandards after OsmoDrain

OsmoDrain new installation >
Rail system on sand

EcoTechnology >
System and control technology 

before OsmoDrain >
Rail system under sand
after OsmoDrain >
OsmoDrain after seeding