• Rate of return plus 30% - 60%

    Water efficiency rate 99.99%

    Water savings 50%-70%

OsmoDrain 2.0 offers with service

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OsmoDrain offers sound advice on the costs and benefits, evaluation of technical feasibility, cost and benefit analysis, how initial costs can be covered by income, savings or through Wadded value.
Detailed planning before execution leads to success and serves as a basis for carrying out construction work and scheduling. We take time to help you take the right decisions in choosing the OsmoDrain solution that best suits your needs.
Once the scope, type of solution and the date when the technical components are required have been established, OsmoDrain then manages and organises timely procurement and delivery to your desired location.  
On-site construction work and system installation are carried out by trained and certified OsmoDrain partners.
Staff expertise and practice experience play a crucial role in this process.  

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